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The CONTENT THAT SELLS BUNDLE is the ultimate content system that teaches you how to grow your following and make sales at the same time!

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Content That Sell Bundle - Testimonial
- Subkhi
Content That Sell Bundle - Bami Brands

“Your content is so great and has helped me so much. Thank you, Bami!”

I would get these types of comments and DMs every single day.

My follower count grew from thousands to tens of thousands each month.

20k… 30k…50k…

You get the point.

But, when it came time to sell something…no one took out their wallets to buy.

It felt like my audience was only sticking around for the free and “valuable” content. They didn’t buy because they knew they could get it for free.

I started resenting the whole content creation game (maybe you’re feeling this way too).

Deep down I felt defeated and kept telling myself, “If only I could replace my follower count with dollars.”

I was providing “value” like I was supposed to but wasn’t getting the results I wanted!

I was about to quit until one day I realized something:

Adding value makes people follow you– which is great. But what makes people take action and buy from you is content that speaks to their fears, objections, desires, and transformations.

I hear all the time, “Educate. Inspire. Entertain. This will help your business grow.

”That’s a bunch of bullshit!

That only makes people see you as a friend… not a leader. Not someone they want to spend their hard-earned money on!

So, I got to work and perfected my content game.

I discovered how to grow my following AND make sales at the same time.

My content made money for me. I was no longer just an inspiration for my followers.

I was a leader… a business owner… an authority.

And they wanted to pay me for my expertise.

You might be feeling the frustration of posting valuable content that people love, but when it comes to selling… you get crickets. You wonder where your audience is and why they aren’t buying.

Remember: the content that got you those followers isn’t the same content that is going to get them to buy.

Two different goals need two different strategies.

And I’m teaching you how to do both– grow your following AND make more sales!

Here’s What You Get For ONLY $37:

Magnetic Content System Workshop

Magnetic Content System Workshop (value $598)

Learn my proven 4-step process to creating magnetic content that ACTUALLY converts. Create your niche statement, identify your core message, clarify your content pillars, and learn the three content buckets that will bring in consistent followers and sales!

Niche Positioning Statement

Niche Positioning Statement Template (value $397)

Nail your niche statement with this template and instructional video. Get clear on WHO you serve and the UNIQUE transformation you provide!

Content Ideas Generation Worksheet

Content Ideas Generation Worksheet (value $397)

This worksheet will help you come up with months of content ideas in one sitting! After you create your content pillars and write down ideas in each content bucket– you will be able to create more content in less time!

Content Calendar

30-Day Content Calendar (value $99)

Finally, a content calendar that is DIFFERENT from anything else out there & is CUSTOMIZED to your business! Learn what type of content to post weekly to grow your following and sales. Never feel like you’re posting too much or too little!

And don’t forget about these EPIC BONUSES!

12 Irresistible Hot Headlines (value $140)

Your headline/ hook is CRUCIAL to getting people to stop their scroll and read your content! I’m giving you 12 high-converting headlines to help you come up with HOT headlines.

4 Canva Carousel Templates (value $140)

Carousels are one of the highest-performing content types on social media! Steal my 4 Canva carousel templates so you can start creating content that has people swiping for more!

5 Caption Scripts/Formulas (value $140)

These caption scripts have been proven to bring in consistent sales and I am sharing them with you! They are customizable and can be used for any online business!

A $2001 value for just $37

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Content That Sell Bundle - Testimonial
- Jolene

If we haven’t met before...

Hello, I’m Bami.

I’ve spent the last year helping online coaches, consultants, and service providers get clear on who they serve and how to attract ready-to-buy clients!

And I’ve learned that to get people to buy what you offer, your content has to be much MORE than just tips and how-tos. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to cut it anymore. You need a solid content system that will address limiting beliefs, objections, etc., and help your ideal client cross the bridge of where they are to where they want to be.

And guess what? Your product/offer is what helps them get to their desired transformation! You need to show how you’re going to get them there through your content! Not sure how to do this? No worries– that’s why I created the CONTENT THAT SELLS BUNDLE!

This is a proven and simple system that will stand the test of time. NO, it’s not another growth hack taught by every social media “guru”. It is a content strategy that emotionally connects with people, builds your fanbase, and makes you money!

I have used this exact system to grow my following to over 80k+ followers in three years! Not only that, I have been able to attract dream clients AND increase my revenue to over 100K in the first six months of this year!

Join the dozens of entrepreneurs who have done the same! Get ready to create a content strategy that converts followers to customers every time you post!

By the end of this bundle, you will…

Wake up every day knowing what to post to your social media to grow your following and increase sales

Learn to emotionally connect with your ideal client by using your stories + experiences in a relatable and engaging way

Create content that positions you as a leader who people are willing to pay

Learn the difference between content that grows your following and content that makes you money

Content That Sell Bundle - Testimonial
- Grace

Content That Sells is perfect for you if...

You’re an entrepreneur who has been putting out “valuable” content but not seeing results in your sales

You want to be perceived as an authority and want your followers to see your value– not just a place for free tips and how-to’s

You want to learn a different approach to content and sales– one that is going to make you money in the long game

You want to grow a fan base of followers who WANT to purchase from you!

On the fence? Here are the answers to your questions:

Why is this only $37? What’s the catch?

Honestly, I could be charging SO MUCH MORE for this bundle, especially because it’s worth $2,001! But, I want this to be available to everyone who needs help with creating content. Content is important to master for any entrepreneur at any level! So, there’s no catch– I just want to see you succeed!

How long will it take me to finish the course and see results?

It will take you 30 minutes to get through the lessons in the bundle and another 30-40 minutes to work through the templates and workbooks. I believe in quick and simple strategies that you can implement right away! I have broken down each step so it’s easy to understand. I cannot promise you results because it ALL depends on YOU doing the work. But my clients have seen results within the first 30 days of implementing this content system! Do the work, stay consistent, and you’ll see results!

How will I get access to CONTENT THAT SELLS?

After purchasing, you’ll receive an email giving you access to the bundle. Sign in with the username and password you created at checkout and you are ready to go! You also have the option to purchase Storytelling Mastery Bundle– I highly recommend purchasing it! It goes hand in hand with the Content That Sells Bundle. You will learn how to tell compelling stories that will turbocharge your content and skyrocket your engagement!

Do you offer a refund if I change my mind?

No refunds are offered! It is a digital course. Plus, I do not want you to make excuses. If you are not going to give it your all and finish it, then do not buy the course! I believe in you, but you have to believe in yourself, too.

What if I’m a new business owner? Will this help me?

Yes, this is perfect for you! This bundle will help you get clear on who you serve, your content pillars, and your core message. This is also for entrepreneurs who have been in business for some time, but are not getting the growth they want!